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Materials Science Division, IFM, Linköping University, 581 83 Linköping
tel 013-281765, fax: 013-142337, e-mail:

Personal data: Swedish Citizen, Date of birth: 24 Jan., 1942
Married: 21 June, 1963 to Birgitta. 7 children

"Student-exam" at "Hermods Correspondence Institute", Malmö, 1961.
University: Civ. ing. exam. (Graduate Engineer) at Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, 1965. Technical Physics branch.
Tekn. lic. Solid State Physics and Theoretical Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, 1970
Tekn. Dr., Solid State Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, 1971
Docent in Solid State Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, 1973

1967-71, PhD. student assistantship, Lund Institute of Technology
1971-77, Research assistant, Lund Institute of Technology
1977-83, Docent position, Solid State Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund
1983-2008, Professor and Head of Materials Science Division, Physics Department, Linköping University, Sweden (, Administrative Head of Materials Physics Section of the Department (about 100 people).
Presently part time professor at Linköping University and at Lund University.

Temporary research visits:
1974-75, Visiting Scientist, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA (19months), also during the summer 1977(2 months)
1982-83, Visiting Professor,University of Grenoble (USMG) and CENG, Grenoble (13 months)
1989-90, Visiting Scientist, Max Planck Institut für Festkörper-forschung, Stuttgart (13 months)
2001, Visiting Scientist, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan (5 weeks)

Undergraduate teaching in different courses in Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Physics.
Developed 4 advanced basic courses for PhD students in the semiconductor physics area during 1978 1987, one additional course in 1991, another in 1992-93, and still another course during the Spring semester 1995. These courses were also taught in classes. A new graduate course on Wide Bandgap Materials was developed during 1996-97. Regularly giving a PhD student course on Semiconductor Physics (10 p).

More than 1100 publications in international journals or proceedings for international conferences. About 450 original articles in basic semiconductor physics published in international journals (more than 160 in Phys Rev B and Phys Rev Lett). 25 international review articles or book chapters in the semiconductor physics field.
More than 650 papers presented at international conferences (with proceedings published).
Editor of five books. I am presently writing on a monograph on Optical Properties of III-V Nitrides to be published by Springer Verlag.
About 9000 ISI citations (all years), h-number 39.
A number of invited talks every year at international conferences-symposia (11 during 2004).
13 Ph.D. students have passed their dissertations so far under my personal guidance. (Formal advisor for an even larger number of Ph.D's). Three of these now hold positions as professors at other universities (L. Samuelsson, Lund University, Sweden, H. P. Gislason, Reykjavik University, Iceland, H Weman, NTU Tronheim, Norway), two more (W M Chen and P O Holtz) are professors at Linköping University.
Research profile: General Semiconductor Physics, Defect Physics, Optical Properties, Quantum structures, Heterostructures. The research activities cover a large range of semiconductor materials, from SiGe and silicon over III-V materials (GaAs and related alloys, InP and InAs and related alloys, GaP AlAs, AlP) to II-VI materials (CdTe, ZnTe, ZnS, ZnSe and related alloys) and wide bandgap materials like III-nitrides and SiC.

Administration and miscellaneous:
Secretary, Condensed Matter Division, Swedish Physical Society, 1980-82.
Associate member NFR (Swedish Science Research Council) 1983-86.
Member of IUPAP C8 Semiconductor Physics Commission, 1987-1993, Secretary in this Commission 1993-99
Program Chairman for 18th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, Stockholm, August 1986
Chairman of the Organising Committee for Third International Conference on Shallow Impurities in Semiconductors, Linköping, 1988.
Program Chairman ICSCIII-N´97, Stockholm. Co-Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Third International Conference on III-Nitrides, Montpellier, July 1999. Chairman of the International Committee for the IWN Nitride conference in Aachen July 2002.
Presently Member of a large number of organizing committees, program committees and advisory committees for international conferences (of the order 10). Chairman of ISGN-1 in Linköping June 2006 ( )
Co-Editor-in-Chief of the MRS Nitride Internet Journal (MIJ-NSR) 1998-2001
Member of Editorial Board of some other publishers or journals, e g Springer Series in Optical Sciences, and Materials Science Foundations
Reviewer for EC projects within ESPRIT and IST about 20 occasions the last 4 years
Member of Review Panel for DFG semiconductor program in Germany and for CEA Laboratories in Saclay and Grenoble, France
Reviewer for KVA applications
Reviewer for papers in many international journals, about 1 per week on the average
Reviewer of book contents for several international publishing companies
Reviewer for PhD Thesis several times (Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa…)
Member of appointment committees for professor and lecturer positions in Sweden and abroad
Received the IWN Prize 2006 in Kyoto
Honorary Doctor at Nagoya University October 2006
A large number of invited and plenary talks at international conferences over the years

Interaction with Society.
Consulting as expert in legal patent cases in USA 2002-2003 (via McDermott, Will and Emery and Kirkland & Ellis), in UK and Korea 2008 (via Powell &Gilbert resp Kim & Chang).
Member of International Advisory Board (IAB) for International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS), Hanoi, Vietnam. 1995-

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