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Magnus Borgström

Position:    Assistant Professor

Phone:    046-2221494
Cell phone:    0734-216075
Room:    Q205
Address:    Box 118
221 00 Lund

University:    Lund University
Division:    Solid State Physics
Research Area(s):    Materials Science
Quantum Physics
Nanoelectronics- & photonics
Neuronanoscience & Nanobiology
Interests:    Materials research and epitaxy, currently with a strong focus towards nanowires with potential for energy saving/harvesting. Funda


Co-coordinator of the research area Nanoenergy within nmC@LU


I am responsible for the obligatory 3rd year course “Projekt Nanoingenjör”, FAFF05 in the Engineering Nanoscience program.
The course is based on invited lectures on the topic of entrepreneurship, and the students carry out two projects during the course. One related to patenting, and the other more research/development oriented.

I am also responsible for the post graduate course in Metal Organic Vapor Phase epitaxy, based on the book Organometallic Vapor-Phase Epitaxy by Gerald B. Stringfellow.


My research is towards epitaxial growth, processing and characterisation of nanostructures. I am interested in the understanding of fundamental growth processes and materials properties, as well as the development of more applied structures.

Currently, my main interest is the impurity doping of nanowire materials, a so far relatively unexplored area. The results will be used to evalutate the potential of III-V nanowire structures for efficient solar energy harvesting, ultimately grown on silicon. Such impurity doping opens up a large field of interesting scientific exploration, from fundamental impurity doping characterization at the nano scale, to more applied research on high mobility transistors, high efficiency light emitting diodes, tunnel diodes, and electrically driven single photon emitters.

Publications and citations:

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